Bullying can be understood as the use of power to forcefully coerce or abuse, in a bid to dominate others. It is a form of harassment and oppression. Traditionally, bullying was experienced mainly in a school setting where rogue older boys would bully the young ones. Unlike traditional bullying, cyber bulling is a new kind of bulling altogether. Cyber bulling takes place over electronic technology. This include gadgets like the cell phones, tablets, and computers. This kind of bullying is usually made possible by communication tools which include texts, chats, social media tools and messages. Unlike the traditional bulling, cyber bullying can happen any time of the day. Examples of cyber bullying include rumors posted on social media, embarrassing pictures or videos posted on the social networking sites. Such messages or pictures can be distributed to many people within a very short time and sometimes it is even impossible to trace the origin.


The effects of cyber bulling are similar to the results of the traditional bullying. Children who are cyber bulled experience the following problems:

1. Tend to use and get addicted to alcohol and drugs.

2. Become unwilling to attend school. Sometimes they intentionally skip school.

3. Experience low self worth and have esteem issues.

4. Get poor grades in school.

However, technology cannot entirely be blamed for cyber bullying since the same technology is used to find entities providing great services like moving company mn. The persons tasked with the responsibility of taking care of the kids should put in measures to ensure that the kids do not go through cyber bullying. With the emergence of new technological innovations every other day, this may be an uphill task but it ought to be done anyway- at least for the sake of the kids and to avoid their lives being negatively affected.