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The Impact of Cyber Bullying

While most people think that bullying is something that only happens to kids, the truth is that it affects everyone. With the advent of the Internet, a new and more pernicious form of bullying has emerged: cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is bullying on Internet forums, Facebook, and other digital or social networks. It can be harder to escape than other forms of bullying, and is just as damaging.

Power Dynamics

At its most basic level, all bullying is the result of unequal power dynamics. A bully has power over another person, the victim, and abuses that power. This can happen in any environment. Where children are concerned, it is especially common in school. With adults, bullying often occurs in the workplace.

What Makes Cyber Bullying Dangerous

The main factor that makes cyber bullying so difficult for victims to cope with is that it is difficult to escape. Once someone has been selected as a target online, that person opens himself up to abuse every time he logs onto his favorite social network or Internet forum. The victim often cannot really escape the abuse unless he stops using the Internet or alters his online activity substantially.

Because people use the Internet everywhere, cyber bullying can permeate a person’s entire life. Other forms of bullying are usually environment-specific. If a child is being bullied at school, for example, when he leaves school he is not subject to being bullied. On the other hand, if a child is being bullied on Facebook, whenever he logs into Facebook he opens himself up to potential abuse.

Reducing Cyber Bullying

Increased awareness can help reduce the incidence of cyber bullying. For example, let’s say that you are an employee at a carpet care business. If you notice that a co-worker is being bullied in the office or online, don’t be hesitant to discuss the problem with your boss. A workplace environment with less bullying is a better workplace environment for everyone. Cyber bullying, as well as other forms of bullying, will only decrease if people refuse to tolerate it.


Bullying can be understood as the use of power to forcefully coerce or abuse, in a bid to dominate others. It is a form of harassment and oppression. Traditionally, bullying was experienced mainly in a school setting where rogue older boys would bully the young ones. Unlike traditional bullying, cyber bulling is a new kind of bulling altogether. Cyber bulling takes place over electronic technology. This include gadgets like the cell phones, tablets, and computers. This kind of bullying is usually made possible by communication tools which include texts, chats, social media tools and messages. Unlike the traditional bulling, cyber bullying can happen any time of the day. Examples of cyber bullying include rumors posted on social media, embarrassing pictures or videos posted on the social networking sites. Such messages or pictures can be distributed to many people within a very short time and sometimes it is even impossible to trace the origin.


The effects of cyber bulling are similar to the results of the traditional bullying. Children who are cyber bulled experience the following problems:

1. Tend to use and get addicted to alcohol and drugs.

2. Become unwilling to attend school. Sometimes they intentionally skip school.

3. Experience low self worth and have esteem issues.

4. Get poor grades in school.

However, technology cannot entirely be blamed for cyber bullying since the same technology is used to find entities providing great services like moving company mn. The persons tasked with the responsibility of taking care of the kids should put in measures to ensure that the kids do not go through cyber bullying. With the emergence of new technological innovations every other day, this may be an uphill task but it ought to be done anyway- at least for the sake of the kids and to avoid their lives being negatively affected.

What are bullying and cyber bullying? How can they be prevented?

What is bullying?

Bullying is an unnecessary, aggressive behavior among school going kids that entails a real or supposed power imbalance. The behavior is repetitive or has the prospect to be repetitive, over time. Bullying consists of actions, like spreading rumors, making threats, harassing somebody verbally or physically, and eliminating somebody from a group purposely.

What is cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying is bullying that happens using electronic technology, which includes equipment and devices, such as computers, cell phones, and tablets, including communication tools as well as text messages, social media sites, chat, etc..

Consequences of cyber bullying

Computers and mobile phones themselves are not responsible for cyber bullying. Social media websites can be used for helpful activities, such as connecting children with family and friends, assisting students with school, and for amusement. However, these tools can be used to harm other people, as well. Whether done personally or through technology, the consequences of bullying are the same.

Children who are cyber bullied are likely to:

v Use drugs and alcohol.

v Experience bullying in person.

v Skip their classes.

v Be reluctant to attend their classes.

v Have lower self-confidence.

v Get poor grades.

v Have more health issues.

Cyber bullying is entirely different, why?

Children who are being cyber bullied are frequently bullied personally. Furthermore, those who are cyber bullied have a tough time in escaping from the behavior. Cyber bullying can take place throughout the day, and it reaches a child, even when he or she is unaccompanied. It can take place at any time, day or night.

Cyber bullying images and messages can be posted namelessly and distributed rapidly to an incredibly extensive audience. It can be tricky and occasionally, unfeasible to trace the resource. Deleting unsuitable or harassing texts, messages, and pictures is very difficult after they have been sent or posted.

Parents and children can prevent cyber bullying jointly by exploring safe ways to use technology. Parents can achieve this by knowing what their children are doing online, establishing rules regarding the technology use, and understanding the school rules by the kids. To know more about the ways to prevent bullying and cyber bullying, click here.


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